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    The opening

    In the hearth of Feltre, “BEPPIANI cioccolato artigianale” was born in 2000 out of a desire to create products with a unique target: high-quality artisan standards!

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    New workshop

    In 2009 in order to meet the continuos and steady growth of the business, the production has been moved in a bigger workshop.

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    The new product lines

    In 2010 we presented the linea called “Dolomitica Immagine”, presenting “Venezia citta’ d’arte”, “Verona citta’ d’arte” and “Friuli Venezia Giulia regione d’arte storica” with a packaging created on purpose to enhance the “exterior” taste. This occasion has given us the opportunity to start developing the “Private Label” sector and the close liaison with all our client to develop on-request products together with the their own packaging and through control and consulting on any particular request.

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    Gluten free

    In 2014 we created the brand “Senza Glutine BEPPIANI” based on the experiences and know-how specifically designed to produced gluten free products. At the same time we presented the FEL3 line done on purpose to match the GD-GDO with all the necessary characteristics.

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    Beppiani presents at EXPO 2015

    Thanks to the collaboration with “Il Cantiere del Gusto Veneto”, Beppiani was present during the EXPO held in Milan.

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    New workshop

    In 2016 in order to meet the continuos growth of our business, the whole production has been transferred in a bigger workshop in Lentiai in Madonna del Piave street n.24.

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Our philosophy:

All our products are managed in all the details and throughly checked at every step of the production process with continuous improvement in order to find at all the time the best solution for our clients and meet their own expectation.



The hazelnut from Piemonte, Pistachio from the Sicily, the fruits from the Dolomites area and the rigorous selection of the best raw material, are the milestone on which the high standards production are based on.
All our products are artificial flavouring free and since the number of people with gluten sensitivity is constantly increasing, our offer is also continuously improved to meet all our clients’needs.
All the steps of the production process are thoroughly studied and checked in every details, not only in terms of raw material but also in terms of packaging, marketing solutions and placement on the market.
A craft enterprise focused in all the details.
In addition to our internal focus and attention to the details, we also take in high consideration the concept of sustainability by contributing to improve the living and working conditions of all the family involved in the plantation where all our raw materials are taken from, with consequent improvement of our products as well.