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The quality of our chocolate:

We take care of the quality of the single cocoa bean

The wide chocolate selection is the result of a very long journey which starts in Central and Latin America and Western Africa, the cradle of cacao plants.
In these areas there is an accurate selection among all the varieties of cocoa to select those with the best aromatic characteristics and exposed to the best production processes.

Quality is selected since the origin

Thorough and rigorous check of all the transformation phases – from the fermentation to the modelling. This is our own philosophy to maintain the highest quality standards innate in the cocoa bean.

We look for the quality in the heart of the each cocoa bean to get the best out of it

This is our way to work and to guarantee the overall traceability of the products step by step throughout the whole production chain.



The highest quality standards are met by the right equilibrium of decisions evaluating when saying YES and when saying NO.

NO to any kind of artificial aroma.

NO to any trace of gluten.

YES to an accurate selection of raw materials.

YES to a thorough attention to all the production’s steps.

YES to any sustainable process.